Player Assesment

You are a good footballer and people tell you are good! But how good are you? If you have aspirations to be a professional footballer and play for the Socceroos and overseas one day then this what every player needs ! Coaches in club land dont have time to focus on the individuals as they are focused on the dynmaics of the team , players need an expert to review their progress .

Did you ever have a football expert analyse you as a player and advise what parts of your game you need to improve?  has anyone pointed  the finer points that can make the difference between making the team or getting rejected ?

Do you realise the level of skill, technique, speed, strength, intelligence or the physical demands required to make it at the highest level? Do you have the character? the work ethic and what it takes to be a full time succesfull professional?

At Technik Football we provide the consultation of analysis and recommendations so you know where you are and where you need to go, to help you reach your goal.

The process

The process is a meeting with the player,watch him play a full competive game and present player/parent with a full comprehensive report and recommendations.

We make an assessment of the player in the following areas

  • technical
  • tactical
  • physical
  • mental.
  • decision making
  • game awareness
  • creativity
  • reaction to adversity
  • competitiveness and the overall character.

Our recommendations are directed to a range of professionals etc consultants, trainers, sprint coaches etc that give the guidance to help you succeed with specialised programs suited for these areas for the development of the player.

football training sessions are not included in the assessment but can be arranged

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