Important information regarding your privacy and the use of this site.

Technik Football is committed to ensuring the privacy of your personal information and this privacy notice is designed to voluntarily comply with current privacy legislation.

Collection And Use Of Personal Information:
Technik Football limits its requests for information to what is required to ensure accurate service. Most of the information we collect is very basic and is needed to complete a purchase or provide a refund. Examples of user information that may be collected may include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit or debit card information, a description of the item requested or purchased and the IP address of your computer.

Navigation Information:
Even if you do not make a purchase on our site, we have the ability to track usage of our website including the server form which the site was visited. This information is not used to tack information about individuals, but is used on an aggregate level to customize our site, improve the on-line experience and plan adverting and promotions. Information Voluntarily Provided. There are times when you may provide information to us voluntarily. This occurs when you provide you feedback to us though e-mails return forms, letters or telephones calls. We use this information to respond to your query and to keep track pf customer feedback.

Internet Database:
Technik Football has created an Internet database to allow consumers to store their shipping and billing information. Registration is entirely voluntary and you have the ability to correct or delete the information at any time. This information is accessed through the “My Account” section of the site.